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Ultimate Director Bootcamp

Reacquire your fire: The Ultimate Director's Boot Camp. 6-hour cumulative training on leadership, staff development, customer service, family and community involvement, and how to keep pouring out while you feel empty. This training will help remind you why you got into the field in the first place, and help you re-ignite your spark.

Staff Motivation

& Retention

Staff Motivation is one of the hardest jobs as a leader, and sometimes staff retention can be just as hard. This essential training will help show you how to be leaf your staff effectively and earnestly in a way that motivates them, and helps them to be engaged in the success of their classrooms and your facility.

Servant Leadership

for Directors

You don’t have to act like a boss to help affect positive change on your team. Servant leadership that inspires teamwork is imperative in our line of work. No single educator is an island. Our facility can be much more cohesive if we learn how to collaborate with staff and management alike. There are three steps to effective teamwork. We explore these traits in detail throughout this training. It is absolutely true what they say, Teamwork makes the dream work. This training will help promote servant leadership and inspire your staff to crave teamwork.

Bully Busters

(Director Edition)

There are times Directors have to step in to help manage difficult behavior in children, as well as conflict resolution between staff. This training will help you have a No-Bully Zone in each classroom, as well as in the break room and front office.

The Role of a Director

Directors have to wear many hats in order to run a smooth childcare facility. Come and find out just how many hats you have to wear and how to juggle them successfully. Participants will gain an understanding of how to become an effective leader, and how to wear the many hats required of a director successfully. This training is the perfect choice for new and experienced directors. Being a leader is not always easy, but learning how to effectively manage controlled chaos is key.

How to Rebuild Organizational Trust

Organizational trust is the confidence employees have that their company will act in ways that are fair and aligned with their own ethical priorities. In the midst of dealing with the new rules and regulations, many leaders how found that they need to rebuild trust with their employees. This training will give practical ways to rebuild trust, and why this trust might have been lost in the first place.

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Top 6 Topics for Management

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