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Staff Training Topics

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Do You Want Diversity or Inclusion?

Attending talks and conferences promoting diversity and inclusion is a
good first step, but you have to realize this is a lifelong journey. This training will address how to listen while people of color talk about everyday racism and white privilege, and what to do after you have that knowledge. It is imperative that we learn how to sit in the well with others, what to do to provide further education, and what not to do.

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Embracing Change

The Childcare industry changes every day. As the laws change regarding the governing of your facility and the classroom, we will look at ways to evaluate and implement these changes into your facility. Change is hard, but it is extremely necessary. Sometimes staff does not respond well to change, but we can help give your staff the tools to learn how to embrace change.

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Building Relationships with Parents

Building relationships with parents is a huge part of an educator's job, but dealing with difficult parents can seem impossible at times, especially when they aren't allowed in the building anymore, because of a global pandemic. This training will show you how to take on the idea of co-parenting, even with individuals that seem impossible to get along with.

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New Teachers 101

Teachers can make or break a student’s impression of what school is all about. It can be a place they look forward to coming or they can dread it. Research has shown that a child learns best by making connections between what they already know in their world and the concepts they learn in school. This great training can help you help them make the connections. This module is wonderful for new teachers or first year teachers. Essential concepts prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

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Conflict Resolution 101

Conflict is hard whether is be between your staff members or between your children. This module will give you the tools you need to bring about fair conflict resolution. These life lessons are something we can take and use outside the classroom as well.

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Custom Training Topic

Don't see a topic you like? Reach out to our team and we will discuss what it takes to create the Staff topic of your dreams!

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     Top 6 Topics for Staff

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