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Topics for Management

Battling Burnout - How to win the Invisible War

Burnout is a type of psychological stress that creates an invisible battle that doesn't fight fair. Battling Burnout requires effort and self-realization, but can lead to exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm, feelings of ineffectiveness, and frustration. The goal of this training is to help every team reach it's full potential by stabilizing employee morale. Helping your employees recognize the signs of burnout and giving effective ways of making war against it can greatly increase overall efficacy. This training will give helpful tools that participants can take back and implement.


Bling, Bling on a Budget

Having a fabulous program does not require a huge budget. This module shows you how to make a star program on a shoestring budget. You can learn how to turn trash into treasure and incorporate it into your curriculum.


Building Communication Strategies with Staff & Parents

An effective communications strategy is designed to help you and your team communicate effectively and meet core organizational objectives. A competent, friendly staff that respects each other and accepts your leadership is a must for your school. If you can achieve this, parents who want their children to have the best will seek after your school. It all starts with you. It is important to identify not only your audience and what they need to know, but also key communications messages. Our training will help you identify communication strategies that will help to provide the best standards of care and support for your team as well as for your customers.


Bully Busters (Directors Edition)

There are times Directors have to step in to help manage difficult behavior in children, as well as conflict resolution between staff. This training will help you have a No-Bully Zone in each classroom, as well as in the break room and front office.


Customer Service

Customers (Parents) are key to generating revenue for your program. Parents must feel that they can come to you with a problem and that you will listen to their concerns. This is important for them to keep coming back because they know you are interested in them and their children. Parents need to feel that they have a voice and you care. Our training will help you achieve this.


Dyslexia is my Superpower

In a perfect world, a director would be really good at everything a school needed to have a successful business and a successful life. In our imperfect world, we have to face the fact that we are great at some things and terrible at others. It can be frustrating, because as directors we want to be great at everything our school needs to be a success, but that just isn't reality. You were born with strengths and also weaknesses, but you do not have to be perfect at everything to run a great school. It is possible to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and this training will show you how to do the same with your staff, and the children in your care.


How to stop removing kids from your school, even when you want to

Experts have proven that kicking children out of preschool is damaging. This crisis is even more extreme for children of color and those with disabilities, who are much more likely than their peers to suffer the potentially devastating consequences that come from the disruption. We need to do better, and as owners, we have the power to transform the lives of not only the children who are at risk of being expelled, but also their families and our staff if we take the steps needed for education and support. This training will help participants re-evaluate their current policies, and how owners and directors can better serve the socio-emotional health and well being of the children in our care.


How to "Master" a work/life balance.

Being a Director isn't easy, and when you are an Owner as well, sometimes it can feel as if the work never stops. This training will provide tangible ways to master a work/life balance, including creating healthy boundaries between you and your staff.  You deserve to thrive, even when your business isn't perfect.  Successful participants will take away steps to creating a life for yourself that involves actually living, instead of just existing.


How To Be The Kind of Leader You Want to Follow

This essential training teaches you how to become an effective leader. We will give you the tools to be the kind of leader that you would want to follow. Being a leader is not always easy. There are tough decisions you have to make, parents to talk with, staff to motivate and countless other duties. Take away information to accomplish your leadership skills.


How to Run an Effective Staff Meeting

Staff meetings are more than just a place to get together and feed everyone. When run effectively, staff meetings can unite, inform, inspire, and reignite the passion of your staff. This training will give tips on how to run an effective meeting and keep your staff engaged.


How to Rebuild Organizational Trust, Part 1

Organizational trust is the confidence employees have that their company will act in ways that are fair and aligned with their own ethical priorities. In the midst of dealing with the new rules and regulations, many leaders how found that they need to rebuild trust with their employees. This training will give practical ways to rebuild trust, and why this trust might have been lost in the first place.


How to Rebuild Organizational Trust, Part 2

This training will build on Part 1 taking a deeper look at what leaders must to do build trust and felt safety back into the workplace after major change, layoffs, and even school closings.


Servant Leadership for Directors

You don’t have to act like a boss to help inspire positive change on your team. Servant leadership that inspires teamwork is imperative in our line of work. No single educator is an island. Our facility can be much more cohesive if we learn how to collaborate with staff and management alike. There are three steps to effective teamwork. We explore these traits in detail throughout this training. It is absolutely true what they say, Teamwork makes the dream work. This training will help promote servant leadership and inspire your staff to crave teamwork.


Staff Development for Directors

A competent, friendly staff that respects each other and accepts your leadership is a must for your school. If you can achieve this, parents who want their children to have the best will seek after your school. It all starts with you. Our training will help you develop your staff in a positive way so everyone can work in a creative and calm place.


Spare Blessings - Promoting Healing and Hope while your Hands are still tied

The world is not the same as it used to be. No matter what happens from here on out, we have not yet reached the new normal, we have only figured out the next step. This training session will bring tangible ways for you to continue to find healing and hope even when you feel like your hands are still tied. Our job, as educators is to find our way through, while simultaneously helping the children in our care feel safe, secure, and loved.


Staff Motivation and Retention

Staff Motivation is one of the hardest jobs as a leader, and sometimes staff retention can be just as hard. This essential training will help show you how to be leaf your staff effectively and earnestly in a way that motivates them, and helps them to be engaged in the success of their classrooms and your facility.


The Role of the Director

Directors have to wear many hats in order to run a smooth childcare facility. Come and find out just how many hats you have to wear and how to juggle them successfully. Participants will gain an understanding of how to become an effective leader, and how to wear the many hats required of a director successfully. This training is the perfect choice for new and experienced directors. Being a leader is not always easy, but learning how to effectively manage controlled chaos is key.


The Unspoken Introspective - An Honest Conversation about Race (Directors Edition)

Dealing with race issues is not something that educators can afford to be afraid of. You are in charge of your relationships with your coworkers and the families in your program, so you must tackle an honest look at yourself and your natural bias in order to help your class navigate through the torrential racial waters. Embracing race and building bridges between people is part of the job of an Educator. This training will help give practical ways to be inclusive of all your coworkers as well as the families.


The Ultimate Director's Guide to Team Building

Working as a team is important in the childcare profession. Management and staff who work as a team, help provide a comfortable and effective childcare environment. We will identify and role play team building involving subjects such as getting to know new workers, building cooperation, and building trust that management can take back and implement.


Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

With stress levels in the workplace at an all-time high, keeping a positive attitude in all situations is more important than ever. Participants will gain an understanding of how a positive attitude can bring about positive change. This module demonstrates how directors can lead effectively and maintain a positive attitude as well as affect their co-workers by giving a step-by-step process to change everyone's way of thinking. Participants will learn how to inspire your staff and deal with difficult employees. Attitude is Everything!

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